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Sunday, October 23, 2011

64 Days of Michael Pollan Day #3

Day #3 Avoid Food Products Containing Ingredients That No Ordinary Human Would Keep In The Pantry.

Ethoxylated diglycerides? Cellulose? Xanthan Gum? Calcium propionate? Ammonium sulfate? If you wouldn't cook with them yourself, why let others use these ingredients to cook for you? The food scientist's chemistry set is designed to extend shelf life, make old food look fresher and more appetizing that it really is, and get you to eat more. Whether or not any of these additives pose a proven hazard to your health, many of them haven't been eaten by humans for very long, so they are best avoided.

*However, I must note about one of his ingredients his lists...xanthan gum. It is very well used in allot of gluten free baking and I have used it alot as well. Xanthan gum helps give foods a chewy mouth feel. It helps as a substitute to create food products to taste better for those who are gluten free.

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