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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day Cupcake!!!!

Okay, so there has been a lot of talk about bacon lately in the store! I recently made peanut brittle with bacon in it...which was amazing! But to make it again I am going to need to get a candy thermometer, because last time I made it I was using a a digital one. When the peanut brittle hit about 220 F the digital thermometer died on me. There for it left me guessing the right temperature to pull it off but that didn't work so well. So until I get a new thermometer that project is going to have to get put back on hold. In the meanwhile, I started experimenting with cupcake batters to get a certain texture that I wanted. I started out with creating a recipe that is between a pound cake and a yellow cake. It turned out great and was satisfied by its cake texture. So for valentines day I used the recipe and changed a couple ingredients in it and came up with a Bacon Maple Cupcake. You know when you cook for yourself you sample almost every step of making it and by the time you have finished it you don't care to much to eat the whole product. Not everyone is like that but I find myself feeling that way most of the time. But this time, this cupcake was absolutely amazing and I couldn't stop my self from over indulging . I think I ended up eating like 6! I made 36 and gave some to the girls at work and some to my brothers. I had 8 left in my refrigerator at home and had to give them away to some one, so I thought of my uncle. Feeling kind of guilty for eating as many as I did, I hit the gym!

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